Crafts with a special touch!

By personalising an item it can reinforce ownership, enhance wellbeing, as well as create a statement. As a little girl my first customised object was a hair band, I choose it because of its personal touch, usefulness when misplaced and statement qualities. As a child I was constantly losing things, so name tags were essential at providing a unique proof of identity. Popular brands such as Coca cola have followed a similar trend. Coca cola have replaced their brand logo with a personalised name logo because they believe it will encourage sharing. However I believe this sort of branding is less likely to encourage sharing and more likely to act as a fashion accessory. If you are a lover of Coca cola would this make an ideal present for someone who is? As the saying goes “it`s the thought that counts”, could this type of branding establish itself as a thoughtful present? or is it more of a marketing gimmick?


To enhance wellbeing colour coded items are another feat which allows you to express a mood or personality trait, for example, the new iphone 5 received a fantastic response in regards to its new customised iphone 5C cases. With the choice of pinks, blues, reds etc it gave smartphone consumers a colour choice and a chance to express themselves. As colours are well known mood enhancers, pink for example typically promotes femininity and is often referred to as the colour of romance. By promoting individualism this gimmick works as a successful marketable feature.


My creations

“It`s the thought that counts”

To add a personal touch I have incorporated both colour and personal name tagging for emotional appeal:

photo (1) photo2


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