It`s nearly Christmas!

There are two types of people, those who appose sleigh bells and those who CAN`T WAIT for this year`s Christmas Market. I love this time of year, Christmas isn’t Christmas without mulled wine and Christmas pud! I also have a memento from last year`s German Christmas Market, it was brilliant, if you have never been to the German Christmas Market in Leeds then you must experience it, for those who like mulled wine you will not be disappointed as they sell both raspberry and strawberry mulled wine, heaven!

If you are screaming at your laptop “It`s not even October yet!” or if you think “Christmas” is a naughty word, September is a better time than any to start preparing, here is a countdown clock, as of today there are only 87 days till Christmas!

Yummy yummy mulled wine!


Christmas is slowly creeping into supermarkets and craft shops, this is an early warning sign, I must start preparing for Christmas. I have told myself that I am going to create some Christmas cushions I have chosen some Nordic Christmas fabric- if you haven`t guessed yet I have a slight love affair with Nordic designs as they look so adorable…see for yourself!



I will update you on my progress!

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