Weekly Photo Challange: Horizon


This picture was taken during the summer at the New Miller Dam in Wakefield. This location is teaming full of wildlife and acts as a sanctuary to both animal and adventure seekers. It is very scenic and tranquil, it is great for those who are looking for escapism- to get away from it all.


I also love this last picture as it shows a bath house half submerged under water, which gives it that romantic but tragic feel to such a beautiful building. The way the trees try to camouflage the building to protect it from the outside world is very secretive but loving.


Secret Garden Photo Challenge


This is my interpretation of “what you see on the inside”. This is not a conventional inside picture, to convey feelings of secrecy and mystery I have taken a picture of my back garden through some dark wooden blinds, this is to give the illusion of an “inside space” on a 2 dimensional level. The secret garden effect is created in many ways by the exclusiveness of this image, for example, the venetian blinds create a barrier wrapping the image in a protective layer, what you see on the inside of each slat is pockets of green texture and character. By changing the view this is one interpretation, one point of view of what I see on the inside.