It`s nearly Christmas!

There are two types of people, those who appose sleigh bells and those who CAN`T WAIT for this year`s Christmas Market. I love this time of year, Christmas isn’t Christmas without mulled wine and Christmas pud! I also have a memento from last year`s German Christmas Market, it was brilliant, if you have never been to the German Christmas Market in Leeds then you must experience it, for those who like mulled wine you will not be disappointed as they sell both raspberry and strawberry mulled wine, heaven!

If you are screaming at your laptop “It`s not even October yet!” or if you think “Christmas” is a naughty word, September is a better time than any to start preparing, here is a countdown clock, as of today there are only 87 days till Christmas!

Yummy yummy mulled wine!


Christmas is slowly creeping into supermarkets and craft shops, this is an early warning sign, I must start preparing for Christmas. I have told myself that I am going to create some Christmas cushions I have chosen some Nordic Christmas fabric- if you haven`t guessed yet I have a slight love affair with Nordic designs as they look so adorable…see for yourself!



I will update you on my progress!


Crafts with a special touch!

By personalising an item it can reinforce ownership, enhance wellbeing, as well as create a statement. As a little girl my first customised object was a hair band, I choose it because of its personal touch, usefulness when misplaced and statement qualities. As a child I was constantly losing things, so name tags were essential at providing a unique proof of identity. Popular brands such as Coca cola have followed a similar trend. Coca cola have replaced their brand logo with a personalised name logo because they believe it will encourage sharing. However I believe this sort of branding is less likely to encourage sharing and more likely to act as a fashion accessory. If you are a lover of Coca cola would this make an ideal present for someone who is? As the saying goes “it`s the thought that counts”, could this type of branding establish itself as a thoughtful present? or is it more of a marketing gimmick?


To enhance wellbeing colour coded items are another feat which allows you to express a mood or personality trait, for example, the new iphone 5 received a fantastic response in regards to its new customised iphone 5C cases. With the choice of pinks, blues, reds etc it gave smartphone consumers a colour choice and a chance to express themselves. As colours are well known mood enhancers, pink for example typically promotes femininity and is often referred to as the colour of romance. By promoting individualism this gimmick works as a successful marketable feature.


My creations

“It`s the thought that counts”

To add a personal touch I have incorporated both colour and personal name tagging for emotional appeal:

photo (1) photo2


Secret Garden Photo Challenge


This is my interpretation of “what you see on the inside”. This is not a conventional inside picture, to convey feelings of secrecy and mystery I have taken a picture of my back garden through some dark wooden blinds, this is to give the illusion of an “inside space” on a 2 dimensional level. The secret garden effect is created in many ways by the exclusiveness of this image, for example, the venetian blinds create a barrier wrapping the image in a protective layer, what you see on the inside of each slat is pockets of green texture and character. By changing the view this is one interpretation, one point of view of what I see on the inside.

The best birthday surprise!

For my 26th birthday I was given a Singer sewing machine, to my surprise it was a 1408 white. As a beginner this machine makes a great sewing companion, it has an expansive list of features including;

  • 8 Built-In Stitches
  • Automatic 4-Step Buttonhole
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Simple Stitch Selection
  • Adjustable Zigzag Width
  • Quick and Easy Threading
  • 4 Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Free Arm with Accessory Storage
  • Extra High Presser Foot Lift
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding

My initial reaction was a nostalgic one, by threading the machine It brought back fond memories of my school days. Nearly 10 years ago I was in a DT class being shown for the first time how to thread a machine and sew in a straight line. I felt an overwhelming sense of achievement just by being able to sew in a straight line. Today I feel the same sense of accomplishment as I prep the machine and turn it on. Functionality wise this machine is easy to set up as it has an easy step by step beginners guide, advantageous for a novice like me. The only qualm I have is with the feeder as it seems to snag a little when sewing small pieces together.


As you can see from this image I have been busy working on my first project, the material which you can see in this picture was bought from an independent seller on ebay- this is a great place to buy pieces of material at great prices for small projects like my beautiful bunting. Hobby Craft is also another favourite of mine as it offers inspiration to those who need help with starting a project, it`s not cheap so I suggest you have a look on ebay first as there are loads of arts and crafts goodies online.