Cat Lovers

This week I came across a crafter on ETSY, known as Baltic Frog. I was amazed at the quality and effort that had gone into the Baltic Frog range of homemade crocheted rugs. Personally I like the natural designs and textures of the rugs, the fact that they are homemade gives the brand more of a personal appeal. As you may already know I am a lover of great quality natural products. I believe there are three major differences between items which are mass produced and items which are produced as a handmade “labour of love”. Items which are mass produced do not have a personal identity, they also lack creative finesse and touch.

Each and every rug in the Baltic Frog range has its own creative flair and they are all handmade using mixed yarns, this particular rug is 109cm in diameter. I love the fact Christmas is around the corner and I may have to buy one for my spare bedroom. This particular rug retails at about 58 pounds, bargain!


As a cat lover I think my cat (Misty) would also appreciate lounging on a rug like this as we have bought her many things to sit and sleep in but she hasn`t liked anything, she would much more prefer to sit on the sofa or on the carpet.

This is Misty! – Felix stunt double!