Banksy- Graffiti on Graffiti

My first impressions of Banksy is that he loves his privacy and shy`s away from the public eye. His illusiveness adds appeal but also shows a humane side to his imminent stardom. I can`t help but feel cynicism, by choosing not to reveal his true identity it seems on the outside that the media attention which he is receiving is unwanted or is it? Was this the plan all along? By remaining illusive this therefore has increased his stardom and promoted the Banksy brand.


The latest piece of news which hit the headline was a graffiti artist vandalising a piece of art created by undercover Banksy. I was quite perplexed because why would a graffiti artist graffiti over graffiti art which sole purpose was to spread enjoyment. All graffiti artists work towards a common goal to promote artistic flair, mark their territory and reinforce rebellion. Was the graffiti artist trying to prove a point that graffiti has lost its way and has been sold to the commercial devil (so to speak). Or has Banksy crossed the line by being allowed to graffiti in New York, as so many artists have tried to follow in his footsteps and have received hardly any recognition for their work.

I think his work is significant and represents a shift in society from breaking conventions to ultimate acceptance. Take The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, in this image graffiti represents a life which the character Will once had, a tough middle class up-bringing, and the only way to express himself was through rebellious acts of vandalism. Banksy is a fortunate artist who has been allowed to express himself by creating iconic pieces of graffiti art. Part of me thinks would he have received the same recognition during the 1990s? I think not!